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Honest Oxy Boost is an ultra-versatile, eco-friendly, non-toxic alternative to conventional chlorine bleach. Destain. Deodorize. Delight in the possibilities.Overview: We created Honest Oxy Boost because we do not like what conventional chlorine bleach does to us, our skin, our families, fabrics, & the environment The extra BOOST for your in-wash cleaning naturally-derived ingredients use oxygen for destaining & deodorizing attacking & breaking down stains, grease, and dirt Natural 4-in-1 Action: water softener, stain remover, whitener & deodorizer Keeps your whites naturally white and colors bright free of harmful chlorine, dyes, fragrances, or phosphates Effective for organic stains like food, juice, spit-up, grease, dirt, coffee/tea, eggs, diaper waste, and many of lifes unexpected messes Incredible Multi-use: as a laundry pre-spotter/pre-soak, spot cleaner on carpets, upholstery and fabrics/clothing, deodorizer & all-purpose cleaner for trash cans, diaper pails, ice chests, or even mold and mildew stains in the bathroom Hypoallergenic / Biodegradable / Non-Toxic / Effective in All Temperatures / Septic Safe 24 Ultra-concentrated, Premeasured Pods Free & Clear 15.2 oz (432 grams) Honestly Free of: SLS, fragrance, glycol, dyes, phosphates, 1,4-dioxane, chlorine, DEA, formaldehyde, petrochemicals, caustics, & optical brightenersIngredients:Sodium Percarbonate (solid form of hydrogen peroxide bonded with natural soda ash), Sodium Carbonate (natural soda ash), Polyvinyl Alcohol (biodegradable, water-soluble film)Proudly made in the USA. No animal testing or by-products.