Little Dreamer Naturals Organic Cotton Crib Mattress Cover (Waterproof)


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The Little Dreamer Naturals Organic Cotton Crib Mattress Cover is a plush, luxurious mattress cover made with organic cotton. Theorganic content will be directly under your baby, offering a soft lush surface under your sheet. The hypoallergenic, nontoxic waterproofed back will protect your baby’s mattress and make cleaning the crib after an accident a breeze. Sides are mitered and fully finished to hold tight onto any standard U.S. sized 5 or 6 deep mattress. Elasticized bottom, like a sheet makes changing easy. Breathable, smooth sides keep your crib looking neat and allow air flow throughout your crib environment. Machine wash/dry. Made in the USA. Non toxic waterproof backed cover Soft, lush surface made with organic cotton Hypoallergenic Machine wash/dry Consider two for middle of night sheet changes! Made in the USA Features: Water Proof, Washable Material: Cotton Weight (Approximate): 2 lb Country of Origin: United States