Sometimes a Face Tells the Story

When you go into a store and see Under the Nile clothes on the rack, it’s easy to immediately think “Oh that is cute” or “That is sooo soft.” The first thing that comes to mind is the outer beauty of the garment. Yet, there’s something deeper going on.

That inner beauty comes from farmers who cultivate much of what you see in Under The Nile products. These cotton growers bring their own of care and passion to our garments.

Allow me to introduce you to Al-Siddik Rahad, one of our cotton farmers.  Actually he is known as Hagg Saddik, a title he as rightly earned. The Arabic word “Hagg” reflects respect when addressing an elder.

Hagg Saddik was born and raised  Damietta Egypt where he works the land of his 300 acre farm.  Hard work doesn’t phase Hagg Saddik. Just by looking at him you can tell that he has thousands of life stories to tell about farming. 

Going on 70 he remains sharp as a whip. He runs his farm the old fashion way.  You won’t find any computers or hand held devises on this farm.  Only a trusted notebook that he carries around with him where ever he goes, writing his farm’s operational manual in real time. This  includes his irrigation schedule, harvesting dates, and organic remedies for those pesty bugs that sometimes show up.

In Hegg Saddiq’s free time he enjoy has  son and three daughters.  His son has actually is following in his father’s footsteps and supports him on his farm.

We are very lucky to have such an incredible person growing our cotton for Under the Nile.