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The 3 in 1 baby carrierThe Stokke baby carrier grows with your child, without compromising on comfort and ergonomics for your baby or you. The baby carrier can be used from birth and up to 3 years and offers 2-way front and back carrying.Stokke MyCarrier: 3 in 1 multi-use baby carrier easily transforms as your child grows from birth through toddler years. Thoughtful ergonomics for both you and baby. Stokke baby carrier has an optimal positioning for your child with high tech safety features found in high quality mountaineering gear.MyCarrier includes three components: the main harness with integrated hip belt, front carrier, and back carrier. Secured by double locking carabiners, safe soft breathable organic cotton textiles, all materials free from harmful substances.MyCarrier boasts an outstanding fit for adults too with an ergonomically shaped back plate to ensure comfort for the back and neck. Front Carrier Main harness and front carrier for carrying baby from 3,5 kg/7.7lbs or 53 cm/21 inch. First facing inwards, when your child can hold his/her head unaided it can be used facing outward. Every child is unique, but a rough guide is around 4 mounts + When facing inwards the child has the Happy Hips position, broad seating with good support of back, buttocks and thighs. Always make sure that the baby has enough space around mouth and nose to be able to breathe normally. Babies need variation, we recommend limited time in MyCarrier to 10-15 minutes in the beginning. Back Carrier Main harness and back carrier for carrying a child who can sit unaided and is longer than 72 cm/28 inch. Maximum load 15 kg / 33 lbs. The additional aluminium back support must be used when carrying a child on your back. Make sure the support goes under the orange webbing and that the end sits in the fitted pocket. If the child falls asleep, attach the sleep support from the pocket. Main Harness for parent Product serial number is available on a tag in one of the pockets, for registering in the extended warranty database. Care label is situated in one of the side pockets. To fold the harness when travelling, remove the additional back support to make it more flexible. What’s included?MyCarrier includes three components: the main harness with integrated hip belt, front carrier, and back carrier, all secured by double locking carabiners. An additional aluminium support for back carrying to place in the Main Harness.* Please note that some minor adjustments have been made to MyCarrier Cool compared to MyCarrier: The side pockets on the hip belt of the main harness have been removed for optimal air flow through the fabric. This item is not eligible for shipping outside of the United States.