Stretch Mark Vanishing Serum


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Concentrated Serum with active ingredients Regestril. Bay Berry, and Centella Asiatic that visibly improve color, texture and depth of marks. Marks and scars come in all sizes, now you can control the repair with targeted spot treatment. Size: 3.3 fl. oz Use Targeted Spot Treatment for New or Existing Marks and ScarsStretch Marks and Scars require intensive treatment. Target your mark zones with smart repair peptides that deliver powerful treatment ingredients deep down for advanced results. This concentrated serum includes potent actives Regestril, Bay Berry Extract and Centella Asiatica. The Collagen boosting blend promotes regeneration of the cell matrix for targeted mark repair. These active ingredients are shown in clinical testing to visibly improve color, texture and depth of marks. Marks and scars come in all shapes and sizes, now you can control the repair! How to repair stretch marks and scarsDirections: Apply to new or existing marks massaging for 30 seconds. Use twice daily for at least 8 weeks. Regular application leads to better long term results. The Power of PeptidesWhen it comes to fixing marks, Peptides deliver Smart Repair. Targeted and organized rebuild delivers a smoother finish making marks less visible. The skins natural process is to rush to fix quickly and randomly. The problem is scattered rebuild can leave the skin more obviously marked. Enter Peptides – little messengers that help direct the skin repair process. Messenger peptides and rebuild peptides literally work together to triggering more organized Collagen & Elastin, the core fibers needed for strong, smooth skin. Peptides help the skin fix faster and smarter, for a smoother finish. When it comes to marks, the less you can see the better!