Under the Nile x Meow Meow Foundation

Join us as we bring our Under the Nile community up to date on the extraordinary work the Meow Meow Foundation is doing! ___________ When I first met Doug and Elena in 2019 and heard their heartbreaking story of how their daughter Roxie died in a preventable drowning,  I knew I had to be a Read More

7 Gift box Ideas for Babies and New Moms

A gift set is a great way to show a newborn’s mother support and appreciation. Gift sets for babies are a great choice for presents as they contain matching cute outfits for newborns and toys or lotions. These gift sets provide plenty of use and thus make for meaningful gifts for babies and moms. Gift Read More

Best Birthday Gift Ideas For Wife

There’s no way you can equate the love, sacrifice and the effort your wife puts into the marriage other than occasionally showing your love and affection through gifts. The thought that you care for her is enough to fuel all of her energy. This birthday, plan something romantic for your life companion. Plan little gifts Read More

 Mustard Oil for baby massage: Benefits and Recommendations

  Touch is a language that both adults and babies can understand. Several medical studies have shown that regular contact and attachment with a parent or caregiver is essential for a healthy brain and a child’s emotional growth. We all read about the positive effects and healing properties of mustard, but did you know that Read More

The Complete Guide to Using Tea Tree Oil for Babies

Over the years, tea tree oil has gained in prominence as a valuable oil for treating simple illnesses in children. This is, in no small part, down to its various disinfectant and immunity-boosting properties, which has led to it being used in many creams, lotions and home remedies. It can also act as a useful Read More

DHA and ARA, What’s the Big Deal?

DHA and ARA, What’s the Big Deal? DHA and ARA are all the rage among formula companies. Ever since a link was made between DHA and ARA and brain and eye development, formula companies have been pushing their lab made oil on the public. And the fad has continued despite numerous concerns over processing procedures Read More

Choose Ginger as a Natural Home Remedy for Babies

Cough, cold or other minor irritability make the babies cranky and super uncomfortable. Such issues increase sleep discomfort and make your cute baby look grumpy and irritating all the time. As parents, we tend to take the utmost care to reduce their discomfort. Most cases of cough and cold can be treated with natural remedies Read More

How to Make Baby Formula? – Step by Step Guide – 2021 Updated

Baby formulas are both supplementary and complementary for breast milk; however, it is essential to know the right way to prepare a baby formula without risking the baby’s health. With this simple step by step guide on how to make baby formula, you will be able to prepare the formula safely in the comfort of your Read More

The Amazing Benefits of Almond Oil for Baby Massage

Packed with a variety of useful properties such as Vitamin A and E, minerals and fatty acids, almond oil is one of the most favoured options among parents to massage their little angels with. But is almond oil safe for babies?    Available in two types, sweet almond oil for the baby is the safer Read More

Superfoods to Keep your Baby Healthy this Winter

Winter season brings in the looming threat of common cold in babies. The best way to help your baby to fight it and build up their immunity is to give them foods that would keep them warm. Your little one needs nourishing and wholesome food during their growing years. Some seasons, like winters, can be Read More