La Petite Mort Organic Clothing

La Petite Mort or “the little death” is an old French expression used to address the post-orgasmic state of ecstasy, also considered to be a spiritual release, a free state of mind. 
No need, no boundaries, just transcendence. 
This idea runs the inspiration behind the brand La Petite Mort.

Organic and recycled fibers only

They are committed to reduce our impact to the environment and work with organic and recycled fibers only. 
All cotton used in the collections is certified organically grown in the Peruvian coastlines, free of harmful pesticides keeping both farmers and the soil in good health.

Their first collection La Fuite or The Runaway is coming in Summer 2016. You can view this collection photo shoot by clicking here.

The online shop has a limited collection of items ranging from 50 Euros to 70 Euros. All garments are handmade and produced on a small scale which you can see by the numbered and labelled by the person who made it.

La Petite Mort Organic Clothing

Every piece of the collections is produced in a 40-unit limited edition and sold in France at Babel Concept Store, 55 quai rue de valmy, 75010, Paris.