LoveLula Natural Organic Beauty

LoveLula offers a large selection of natural and organic beauty products that are hand-picked and tested for using the highest possible percentage of high grade, ethically sourced natural and organic ingredients. The products abide strictly by the NO Parabens, NO SLS’s and NO animal testing rules.

LoveLula Natural Organic Beauty

The natural and organic product range includes over 200 global brands including skincare, bath products, makeup, haircare and babycare. Like most organic brands and businesses, this too was created by a new mom who struggled to find the cleanest products for her baby. But in this specific case, the company later merged with a bigger brand.

Some of the products have been certified by the Soil Association, Ecocert, BDIH, Natrue and the Vegan Society. The only non-vegan ingredients permitted are beeswax, propolis, honey, milk and lanolin.

the products are made with NATURAL (not artificial, disguised or altered) and ORGANIC (without the use of pesticides, artificial fertilisers or synthetic chemicals; and must contain a high percentage of organic ingredients as well as minimum synthetic ingredients).

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