Jolly Dragons Organic Clothing for Kids

Jolly Dragons is a family-owned fashionable organic kids clothing brand, that is gentle on the skin and the environment. The garments are made from organic cotton without any chemical pesticides.

Organic cotton farming uses 60% less water than conventional farming and when the fabric is thrown away, no pesticides or herbicides are returned to the earth. What’s even worse is that, the oceans are full of plastic 85% of which comes from microplastics that come from our clothes like nylon and acrylic, produced by the garment industry. A single garment can produce more than 1900 fibers per wash. This is just one reason why you should buy organic garments.

Jolly Dragons Organic Clothing for Kids Without Pesticides

Jolly Dragons is locally designed in Cape Cod, MA and digital digital printing is used which is more environmentally friendly as everything drop is printed on demand.

The collection includes t-shirts and bodysuits for $30 which make great gifts for new babies for conscious new parents. Gift wrapping is also available. The organic kids clothing collection accommodates sizes from newborn up to 5 years old. Click here to view the collection.

Delivered in the USA and internationally.