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Ingredient Highlight: Our Nontoxic Low Impact Dyes

A pop of color sparks joy and wonderment, and can brighten up any wardrobe. From beautiful patterns to fun prints and intricate designs, a t-shirt, babybody, or accessory is instantly transformed with color. But what actually goes into making that color pop? In the same way that it’s important to know the origin of the Read More

Do You Know What’s in Your Clothes?

    Over the years, consumers have become increasingly aware of the importance of sustainability, and of the environmental and human costs associated with fast fashion. This has motivated more companies to incorporate eco-friendly terminology into their branding. However, sustainability in branding does not always equate to sustainability in practice; often, it’s nothing more than Read More

The Truth About Bamboo

Why bamboo isn’t the environmentally sustainable textile it’s cracked up to be Bamboo: Fabric of the Future? Bamboo has become synonymous amongst many consumers with words like “soft,” “pure,” and “eco friendly” (mostly because it has been marketed this way). The Bamboo craze seems to have reached every corner of the apparel and home goods Read More

SEKEM acquires Under the Nile

SEKEM Acquires Under the Nile, Announces New Website and Product Expansion   Under the Nile’s acquisition by supplier SEKEM increases supply chain transparency and offers more sizes, new product categories, and better prices  Dover, DE, January X, 2024— Under the Nile, long-time industry leader and provider of high-quality 100% GOTS certified organic cotton baby products, has Read More

A Note from our Founder

For over 25 years Under the Nile has brought you the highest quality organic cotton goods, ethicallysourced from our partner and supplier in Egypt – SEKEM. This month, we are transitioning the company fullyinto SEKEM’s hands to provide customers with an even better experience. What does this mean, and what can you expect? The things Read More

Feature: Under the Nile GOTS Annual Report 2022

We’re so excited to be featured as the North American representative for the GOTS GLOBAL ORGANIC TEXTILE STANDARD ECOLOGY & SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY in the 2022 Annual Report.  Check us out here:  

Five Unforgettable Moments at Under the Nile

  1. Becoming Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and National Organic Program (NOP) certified. This is a moment I will never forget. It took an enormous amount of work to complete the process, and we became one of the first companies in the US to be GOTS certified. It was a great honor for Under Read More

Reflections: Our First Trade Show (…was a lot smokier than expected)

When we first started Under the Nile, there was no such thing as a “Natural Trade Show” and the major children shows at that time didn’t have any designated spaces where organic brands could showcase their goods. Searching for a trade show to attend, I found a “Hemp Show” that was taking place in San Francisco’s Presidio district, and Read More

How Under the Nile and our Factory Came Together

When I first told my husband that I wanted to start a company that would produce organic Egyptian cotton babywear, he actually laughed. “There’s no such thing as organic cotton in Egypt,” he said. He went on to explain that his father was a cotton trader in the far south of Egypt, and he knew what a chemical-intense crop cotton was. Read More

A Mom on a Mission

25 years ago a mom searched for clothes that wouldn’t irritate her babies’ skin. The more she researched, the more she realized that there was an unfulfilled need. With a background in fashion design and production, she became convinced that she had to start her own organic cotton clothing company that would benefit not only Read More