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Five Unforgettable Moments at Under the Nile

  1. Becoming Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and National Organic Program (NOP) certified. This is a moment I will never forget. It took an enormous amount of work to complete the process, and we became one of the first companies in the US to be GOTS certified. It was a great honor for Under Read More

Reflections: Our First Trade Show (…was a lot smokier than expected)

When we first started Under the Nile, there was no such thing as a “Natural Trade Show” and the major children shows at that time didn’t have any designated spaces where organic brands could showcase their goods. Searching for a trade show to attend, I found a “Hemp Show” that was taking place in San Francisco’s Presidio district, and Read More

How Under the Nile and our Factory Came Together

When I first told my husband that I wanted to start a company that would produce organic Egyptian cotton babywear, he actually laughed. “There’s no such thing as organic cotton in Egypt,” he said. He went on to explain that his father was a cotton trader in the far south of Egypt, and he knew what a chemical-intense crop cotton was. Read More

A Mom on a Mission

25 years ago a mom searched for clothes that wouldn’t irritate her babies’ skin. The more she researched, the more she realized that there was an unfulfilled need. With a background in fashion design and production, she became convinced that she had to start her own organic cotton clothing company that would benefit not only Read More

Toys named for our Family and Friends

Since the beginning of Under the Nile I have always enjoyed naming our toys after our family and friends. The very first doll I designed was named after my oldest daughter Shereen – we now call the doll Jill, but the pattern at our factory still says “Shereen Doll” and we still refer to it Read More

New Bigger Sizes

At Under the Nile, we are known for our super soft baby layettes, gowns, side snap kimonos, bodysuits and sleep sacs, but what are you to do once your little one has outgrown our sizes?  This winter Under the Nile is offering select styles up to 24m. For some time now, many of you have Read More

Why You Love Our Reusable Organic Cotton Training Pants

The very first collection of clothing that I designed for Under the Nile were basics – like undies, undershirts, and pajamas. At the time there were not any other companies who were making cotton training pants, so I set off to design the perfect pair of reusable organic cotton training pants. I set up a focus group and with Read More

Giving Back Tuesday x International Institute of St. Louis Interview

 Every year for Giving Back Tuesday I choose an organization that Under the Nile donates to. This year I have chosen the International Institute of St. Louis.  With the influx of Afghan and Ukrainian refugees, I thought our clothing and toys would be much needed for refugee families with infants and babies. For every item Read More

Playtime with Lulu | Lovies are for Toddlers too!

My grandson, Laith, (aka Lulu) is growing like a weed. As he approaches the 2 year mark I’m grateful for all of the time he spends with me at Under the Nile. I’ve been able to watch him reach so many major milestones, like asking for things he wants and identifying things by name. When Read More

Fresh Organic Produce is for Everyone!

Located just steps away from our factory in Egypt, in the center of the farm, is a general store where employees, locals, and visitors can purchase staples for the week at a fraction of the retail price. While visiting I noticed that every Wednesday, like clockwork, many of the factory workers would gather their cloth Read More