Natural Parenting A Series: Toys

I’m sure as parents and grandparents, you are inundated with millions of choices for toys. Babies usually choose their favorite lovey toys pretty fast and you’ll find out soon enough that you need to keep it close at all times. I remember my mother made both my daughters and my nephew quilts when they were born and my nephew would not let that quilt get washed or let it depart from his hands…ever! Until one day it just disintegrated into nowhere land.  

Lovey toys are baby-safe fabric toys that give your little one a sense security and assurance.
We receive frantic calls daily from parents asking if we have a specific toy that we made many years ago because their child’s lovey got lost or eaten by the family dog. I would suggest saving your sanity and purchasing at least 2 copies of the lovey toy your baby can’t live without.

I would also like to point out that it’s important that as parents you should make sure you do your due diligence and make sure our babies’ crib is safe as recommended by your pediatrician. Here is a article on keep your babies crib safe.

When choosing a safe non-toxic option for your baby lovey, look for GOTS certified organic cotton toys, like these organic cotton lovey toys!

Toys are stuffed with all kinds of stuff – good and bad, so always check what material is used for the stuffing. By law, manufacturers who sell in the states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Massachusetts must have a PA number on the toy label. This means that the manufacturer has submitted samples of the toys to check to make sure the stuffing is clean and does not contain illegal stuffing material like plastic pellets, glass pellets, rubber pellets, sand, and beans to name a few.

Not all stuffing is alike. Look for organic toys stuffed with organic cotton or wool. The outside of the toy could be made with organic cotton, but the inside could be stuffed with polyester fluff or another material that is not organic.

Gimme the Good Stuff has a great safe toy guide that covers all categories of toys.

When it comes to Natural Parenting, toys play a big role.  

Stay tuned as we continue to cover more topics!