Our Plastic Free, Sustainable, Compostable Packaging

It’s Plastic Free July which means we’re celebrating 1 year free of single-use plastic with our compostable and environmentally friendly packaging! 

As an organic brand that is passionate about sustainable production and being stewards of our planet, we’re excited to share that our Under the Nile products are thoughtfully wrapped and will arrive to you in our reusable muslin gift bags which are then packed in our compostable mailers.

We have partnered with noissue to help us achieve this  with their 100% compostable corn-based biopolymers. These new mailers will break down in just 6 months (180 days) and they are certified for both home and commercial compost. By partnering with no issue we are now part of the Eco-Packaging-Alliance that is committed to global reforestation. Which means that every time we make an order there will be trees planted in areas of need. Every purchase you make really does make a difference!

In addition to our plastic-free mailers, our reusable muslin gift bags keep your products safe as they make their way to you and they provide you with a great reusable bag for you to store home goods like toys and linens or for gifting. Our optional gift note and greeting cards are also seed notes that your loved one can plant! 


How to compost your mailers: Break it down with us.

Composting is easier than you think, but you want to make sure you’re disposing of it correctly.

1) Remove any labels or adhesives on the outside of the mailer like tape and shipping stickers as those are not compost friendly. 

2) Compost it! Just leave your mailer on top of your compost pile at home. That’s it! 

3) It’s just that easy. Don’t have a compost at home? Check out this easy to follow beginner guide to get you started.  Or you can also do some research to find a designated community compost pick up or drop off. 

One thing to avoid though is throwing away compostable bags along with your normal trash which will end up in landfills where the conditions for composting are not quite right. 



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Contest ends 7/31/2020.