P’kolino Britto Colorful Markers – $10.00

P’kolino Britto Colorful Markers – $10.00:

P’kolino Britto Colorful Markers – A Playfully Unique Line of Art Supplies Inspired by Romeo Britto!

Made in Europe by Jovi with low odor, non-toxic, food dye inks. Vivid long lasting colors easily glide to paper through durable depression resistant tips. Available in packs of 12.

P’kolino products meet or exceed US, EU, and Canadian safety standards. Product Made in Europe.

About Romero Britto:
A modern day pop culture icon, Romero Britto is one of the premiere artists of our time. As the youngest and most successful Pop Artist of this generation, Britto creates contemporary masterpieces that evoke a spirit of hope and convey a sense of warmth. His works are a reflection of what words fail to express about the joys of life, and his pieces will continue to withstand the test of time because there is a Britto for everyone, appealing to art lovers ages 8 to 80.

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