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Raved By Thousands Of Mommies & Daddies Worldwide Must Have Organic Bamboo Bath Towel! At KeaBabies, we take pride in giving modern parents only the best. We understand that finding the perfect baby hooded towel that lasts a long time is not easy. So we specially made our KeaBabies Baby Hooded Towel with premium quality 500 GSM bamboo fibers, which is ultra soft for your baby’s sensitive skin. Sized large at 35 by 35, it is suitable from newborn to age 6. Get your lasting baby towel without changing them frequently. Wash Care: Machine wash in cold and tumble dry low. Softer, lightweight: makes KeaBabies Bamboo Hooded Towel feels better on skin compared to the rest.Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. Create Wonderful Moments Together As parents ourselves, we understand the joys and exhaustion that parenthood can bring. Our mission is to promote strong parent-child bonding worldwide through our brand and quality products. Let’s create wonderful moments together with your little ones. Made To Love Love begins even before you meet your little one. That little being filled your heart with so much love and joy even before you see him/her. Let bath time be an enjoyable special bonding time by snuggling them in a nice comfy warm towel after bath. Fill their tiny hearts with all your love and presence. KeaBabies Tips: Talk to your baby while showering him/her. Your baby loves to listen to your voice and they can learn the most out of everyday routines. Made To Last Made with Natural Premium Bamboo Fiber, high quality stitching and 500GSM thickness, giving your baby the ultimate luxury. Our Bamboo Hooded Towel is ultra absorbent and prevents unpleasant smell. No wiping required, simply wrap your baby in the towel and they stay dry and warm. Wash Care: Use mild detergent and wash in cold, tumble dry low. Avoid using softeners. Made With Love No details was compromised when it comes to making our KeaBabies Hooded Towel. From touch, thickness, design, to stitching and packaging. We made sure that every detail is done to perfection. KeaBabies Tips: For babies with sensitive skin, choosing the right towel is very important. Pair it with our KeaBabies Premium Bamboo Washcloths for the best bath experience. Made For Your Baby Babies grow up too fast, don’t you think? We understand the growing needs of your little angel, we made sure that our Hooded Towel is sized perfectly at 35 X 35. Let our KeaBabies Hooded Towel be the best companion for your little one anywhere. Take it to the pool, beach, bathtime, bedtime routine and travelling. KeaBabies Tips: Create an enjoyable bedtime or bathtime routine by letting your child role play with our Cute Bear Hooded Towel. THE BEST BAMBOO BABY HOODED TOWEL! Looking for ultra soft, plushy and super absorbent towel for your baby? We know that rough towels can damage your baby’s delicate skin follicles. That is why, we made our KeaBabies Hooded Towels to be ultra soft and highly absorbent as compared to normal cotton towels. No wiping or harsh rubbing of towel on your baby’s skin to dry them after bath! Simply wrap them up with the towel and they are dried instantly! Bath Time Can Be Fun! Bath time is the one of most intimate time you share with your baby. Snuggle up close before and after bath time with your KeaBabies Towel. Get overloaded with cuteness and love! Role Playing Fun Enjoy cute animal role plays with your little one with your KeaBabies Towel. Sing nursery rhymes and teach animal sounds. Make bath time a lasting joy of memories and fun for your babies! Thousands Have Raved About This! Highly raved by parents worldwide, our KeaBabies Towel ensures quality at the most amazing value.