Organic by Rosie Pope Belly Bandit


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PARENTING GURU ROSIE POPE AND BELLY BANDIT HAVE COLLABORATED TO SUPPORT MOMS BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER DELIVERY New moms everywhere have come to love the Organic Belly Bandit by Rosie Pope. This one-of-a kind tummy tucker provides incredible support and benefits. As always, our Stretch and Compress technology delivers amazing results! Charity Inspired Utilizes Organic Cotton Helps Lose Inches Faster Doctor Recommended Accelerates Healing Look Slimmer Instantly Helps Minimize Stretch Marks Provides Comfort after C-Section Supports Back, Leg & Core Muscles Adds Support while Breastfeeding Our exclusive Power Compress Core is your secret weapon How often should you wear it? For maximum effect, the Belly Bandit should be worn immediately postpartum for a minimum of 6-8 weeks. The Belly Bandit should be worn all day every day, only taking it off to shower. Please feel free to sleep in the product as well. Remember, the longer you wear the quicker the results. A job worth doing is worth doing well! Pssst…Our Belly Shield works great with the Belly Bandit! Belly Bandit Care Instructions: Hand wash in cold water. Do not bleach. Rinse thoroughly. Lay flat and allow to air dry. DO NOT twist or wring. Please note the Belly Bandit may take up to 12 hours to dry.