Pebble Allergen-Free Standard Pillow


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As parents, Nook believes everyone in your house should be getting a great night’s rest. Whether for your big kid or the big kid in you, Nook’s Pebble Pillow will send the sleeper straight to dreamland night after night. The re-purposed memory foam noodles in this 5-Star rated pillow supports the head, neck and spine for ultimate comfort. The trustworthy foam regains its flexible shape every morning while the organic Pebble SafetyCover eliminates those dreaded night sweats. Disclaimer- you will never sleep the same without your beloved Pebble Pillow.Nook is company of Moms and Dads committed to offering safe, breathable, sustainable, comfortable and long-lasting products that will make the parenting journey easier. From sleep time to feeding time, and all the times in between, Nook welcomes you into a community of parents that love their kids, care about the earth and strive to make the world a better place, one Pebble at a time Size: 17in x 28in x 6in Weight: 4 lbs