Playtime with Lulu | Lovies are for Toddlers too!

My grandson, Laith, (aka Lulu) is growing like a weed. As he approaches the 2 year mark I’m grateful for all of the time he spends with me at Under the Nile. I’ve been able to watch him reach so many major milestones, like asking for things he wants and identifying things by name.

When he was a baby, I tried to introduce him to our assortment of lovies, but for some reason he wasn’t very interested. It wasn’t until recently when he learned the sounds of animals and could recognize fruit and veggies that he became so attached to them.

He has named them all and can play with them endlessly. We also have a swingset for him at Under The Nile and he asks for each lovie by name so that they can swing with him. He says “Meow Meow” for our scrappy cat, “OOH OOH AH AH” for the scrappy monkey, “Quack Quack” for the duck, and “Ruff Ruff” for our scrappy dog. When we hand him his lovies he gives us the biggest smile.


Lulu also loves to pretend he is eating our fruit and veggie toys; happily munching on our strawberry, carrot, lemon, and avocado. I set up a makeshift grocery store for him and I’ll ask for each one of our fruit and veggie toys by name so that he can identify them. For lunch I give him one of the veggies we play with and make a game out of it. My daughter can’t believe her son loves green beans!

( I’m still working on broccoli though ) 😊

Lulu’s favorite by a long shot is our banana, which he affectionately calls his “nana.” No matter how old your little ones are, our toys can be enjoyed by all ages.