Toys named for our Family and Friends

Since the beginning of Under the Nile I have always enjoyed naming our toys after our family and friends. The very first doll I designed was named after my oldest daughter Shereen – we now call the doll Jill, but the pattern at our factory still says “Shereen Doll” and we still refer to it as such. Now that I’m thinking about it, I’m not sure why we switched it from Shereen to Jill.

Shereen and I & “Jill” “Shereen” Doll


Another toy that is named after a family member is Buddy the Dog, which is actually named after three different family members. Buddy was my grandfather’s AND my father’s nickname which then was carried down to my brother. It’s funny, I really didn’t even know my brother’s given name was Lou until I went off to college!  I still call him Buddy to this day because he will always look like a Buddy to me.


My Grandpa, Louis & My Dad, Marvin & My Brother, Louis 

Buddy the Dog


Tilly the Cat was named after my Grandma. I would love spending the weekend with her taking long walks and watching her cook Shlishkes which were my favorite. She was the center of our family and get-togethers were always planned around her.


My Grandma, Tillie & Tilly the Cat

When my youngest daughter got engaged, I even designed two dolls named after her and her husband – Sarah and Adam.


My daughter Sarah and son-in-law Adam & their dolls 

I hope you enjoy our toys as much as I enjoy putting names to them!