Why You Love Our Reusable Organic Cotton Training Pants

The very first collection of clothing that I designed for Under the Nile were basics – like undies, undershirts, and pajamas. At the time there were not any other companies who were making cotton training pants, so I set off to design the perfect pair of reusable organic cotton training pants.

I set up a focus group and with everyone’s feedback, perfected the pattern for our training pant. I included a high waist to ensure a better fit without gaping, made a soft binding trim for the legs and waist instead of elastic, and added extra terry padding in the middle. The final result – a great fitting training pant that could be continued to be used even after training, and even handed down. 


I recently interviewed one of our retail customers who recently bought 17 (!) pair of our training pants and wanted to share her experience with you!

Janice Did you like the fit of our training pants and why?

Lisa– The training pants fit well on my 15 month old who weighs 25 pounds. The legs were not too tight but held in bowel movement accidents. They sat further up on her belly (rather than her hips) allowing to move freely without gaps.

JaniceDid they wash up well and did you like the fabric?

Lisa-The training pants washed up well and did not stain. I did soak them in water with OxiClean after each accident, washed as directed with other clothing and dried them in the dryer. The pants look brand new still! No staining, fading, stretching or shrinking. The fabric is soft and absorbent.

JaniceWould you continue to use our training pants after your child is potty trained?

Lisa-Yes, she will continue to wear the training pants after she has completed toilet training. She loves her big girl panties and enjoys being able to pick out which pattern or color she wants each time!

JaniceIs there any other feedback you would like to offer?

Lisa-These training pants were exactly what I was looking for — all cotton with no waterproof lining. The extra material in the crotch area is what I wanted. I am happy they are made well so they do not bunch up in the crotch or fit like diapers. She seems comfortable in the training pants, moves freely without gaps or drooping. While these pants were pricier than other training pants I saw online, they have proven to be worth the price for the quality. I would definitely buy more from Under The Nile if we needed more in the future.